A Really Ruuuffff Day

Scoil Pádraig Naofa, Cregmore, Claregalway, Co. Galway, 5th & 6th Class, 1 March 2019

It was a Thursday and Kyle Patoski and Ponnie the one-eyed girl were eating sausages at the table.

Kyle the dog was in a high chair. They were both enjoying their food.

Suddenly Kyle looked down and noticed that Ponnie was not wearing any socks.

“Crikey,”he growled. “Put a sock on it! You know I’m afraid of your toenail.”

“How rude -#offended - I just got a pedicure.” Ponnie cried so much her eye was in danger of falling out.

“I’m so sorry your eye is popping out, I’m going to get help,” said Kyle.

“I’ve got my moped here, but you’re not getting on it until you have your socks on!”

They arrived at the hospital.

“Holy cow, man! Her eye just fell out,” said Kyle to the cow receptionist.

“#MooooveToTheWaitingRoom. The eye surgeon will be along shortly,” the receptionist said.

Kyle said to Ponnie, “Would you like me to get you your favourite caramel Frappachino from Starbucks?”

“Yes, but remember I’m still mad at you,” she replied.

Susie the surgeon was a sheep. She burst through the door.

“This is a baaaaaahhhd day. Maaaaay I help you?” she bleated. “Where’s your eye now?

“Sure how should I know, I can’t see!” cried Ponnie.

“Kyle must have lost it in Starbucks.”

Kyle patted himself down, looking through his pockets.

“Oh no! I think it might be in your drink!” he said.

Ponnie started to gag…