Rebecca’s birthday

St Francis of Assisi 4th Class  National School & CareChoice Residents, Bealtaine Festival, 24 May 2019

It was Rebecca’s 11th birthday. Her party was at her Granny’s house.

Rebecca’s mum had made the chocolate cake, which was Rebecca’s favourite.

Rebecca’s Granny gave her a present. The present was in a small colourful box.

“Here you are,” said Granny.

Rebecca ripped the wrapping paper off the box.

She opened the box. Granny Assumpta realised that there is no smile on Rebecca’s face.

She was disappointed.

“Do you like it?” asked Granny.

Inside the box was a homemade red and green jumper.

“I’ve worked very hard on this for the past two weeks,” said Granny.

“Oh, that’s lovely,” said Rebecca hesitatingly. “Yes, that’s nice. I’ll put that aside and try it on later.”

“If you don’t like it, you can give it to somebody else,” said Granny.

“No, I love it because you made it for me,” said Rebecca. 

“But if it doesn’t fit I’ll give it to my sister.”

Rebecca didn’t want to seem mean in front of her family.

Rebecca’s mum came in to the sitting room with the cake.

“Look at the jumper your Granny made for you! Try it on!” she said.

Rebecca hesitated.

Just then all of Rebecca’s cousins came in as well...