The Red Crocodile and The Monkey

St. Mary’s JNS, Clondalkin, 2nd Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 09 March 2021

Once upon a time there was a crocodile called Cranky and a monkey called Bella and they were best friends.

They found a big village. 

There was a big house that they owned and they had problems with their bills.

Cranky the crocodile saw a human in the village and he was afraid.

He ran away from the humans and he talked to his friends.

“There’s a castle in the village,” said Cranky to Bella.

“The animals are going to storm the castle”. 

“I have a plan?” said Bella. 

“Let’s sneak into the castle and let all of the animals out! We’ll save all the animals in the cages”. 

They stormed the castle…