The Rejected Pencil

Our Lady of Victories Girls National School, Ballymun Road, 5th Class, Fighting Words Dublin, 13th February 2020

Pencil the Bob and Rubber the Blob were walking down the street next to the pencil factory.

Pencil looked over his shoulder at the factory and bobbed away because he was afraid of being a pencil.

Suddenly Pencil the Bob fell down a pothole. Then Rubber the Blob popped out a curry from Wanda and slobbered it down.

Pencil the Bob shouted, “I’m catching feelings for Wanda the Curry Maker!”

Rubber replied, “Blob, blob, blob.”

Rubber the Blob abandoned Pencil the Bob to go tell Wanda that Pencil likes her.

Wanda the Curry Maker rejected him because she wanted to go with Rubber the Blob.

A paper airplane flew and hit Pencil the Bob.

It was a note from Wanda saying, “I reject you. Rubber is better.”

Pencil the Bob was so devastated that he decided to jump into the pencil factory. 

aPencil was caught and put into the bob manufacturing room.

Meanwhile outside the factory, Wanda told Rubber the Blob about her feelings and he felt the same way.

Pencil the Bob ran into a corner to cry.

Pencil needed revenge...