The Return of Granny Nanny

St Marys Senior School, Clondalkin, 4th Class
Once upon a time, long long ago in a far away place, there was an ugly castle.

Princess Dolly lived in the castle that was very ugly on the outside but very beautiful on the inside. Only Prince James came to visit her.

Granny Nanny was a ghost who lived in the castle and haunted Princess Dolly. When Dolly went into her room, she always saw the ghost of Granny Nanny on her wall.

Prince James went to mind Princess Dolly because he secretly had a crush on her. When Prince James was at the castle visiting Princess Dolly, Granny Nanny decided to control his mind and to make him hate her.

Prince James started acting very mean to Princess Dolly. He turned around to Princess Dolly and said, “You’re ugly and scary and I don’t like you.”

Princess Dolly replied in anger, “Get out of my house. I never want to see you again!”