The Return of the McConkey

St Catherine's National School, Rush. 6th Class. 13th October 2011
illustration story 1Once upon a time there was a hobo named Billy. 

He had ripped trousers, one shoe and one sock.  

Billy and his friend Trixie were going down to the dump.  Trixie was an auld bat - and blind as a bat in her left eye!!

On the way to the dump, Billy fell down a man-hole. Trixie called the fire brigade, but ran into a pole on her way to the fire station. A big wart, the size of a balloon, swelled up on her face.

“Helooooooooo, is ANYONE THERE!!!????” screamed Billy.

“Trixie, where have you gone?” he said, and he started to cry.

illustration story 2“Come back you auld bat, where’s my soup!?” 

Suddenly, Billy thought he saw a crocodile.  He started screaming – but it was only a salamander!

Then he thought he could see a girl.  But he didn’t realise it was only a skeleton.

“Hello, beautiful,” he said.

He realised he was sweet-talking a skeleton, and screamed.

Finally, Billy found a frog and kissed it, thinking it would turn into a princess. turned into Mrs McConkey!!