The Revenge Of The Babies

​Donoughmore NS, County Wicklow, 2nd/3rd Class, 4th October 2016

DJ Baby was walking along the street when he slipped on a banana skin.

While he was falling he met Baby Pants. 

“Hi Baby Pants, long time, no see!” said DJ Baby.

“Nice to see you!” said Baby Pants.

DJ’s greatest wish was to buy a fart gun. He wanted to have special farting powers. 

To get the gun, DJ Baby needed to find the Magical Farting Tree that made fart guns.

It was 100 miles away.

Baby Pants and DJ Baby saw a helicopter taking off, and they hitched a ride on it.

They were high up in the sky, sitting in the helicopter when they saw the brown, squishy tree with a door on the side of it: The Magical Farting Tree! 

As they looked out the window they also saw an evil man who was about to chop down the fart tree with a chainsaw. 

Surprised, suddenly Baby Pants fell out of the helicopter and landed on top of the evil man…