The Revenge of C.A.T.

Navan Educate Together National School, 4th/5th Class, 8 May 2012
“Agghhh!” The Discoman screamed, upon seeing his pet cat Mr. Chubby. 

He ran down the stairs and into the sitting room to get away from his cat. 

Mr. Chubby was adorable, but was really evil.  He was plotting to take over the world and ban both bad dogs and people from dancing. 

Mr. Chubby was part of the C.A.T. organisation, an elite group of super villain cats. 

The Discoman had been going to Mr. Chubby’s room to clean the litter tray when he found a secret door that led to the C.A.T. headquarters.

It was a room full of evil cats, weapons, and the head cat Hauncho.

Hip Hop Hamster danced through the door just as The Discoman was running down the stairs and they bumped into each other with a CRASH!!

The Discoman said, “Mr. Chubby is after me!!!”

“How can something that cute be after you?” asked Hip Hop Hamster.

He looked at Mr. Chubby, but Mr. Chubby just pulled his adorable face....