Revenge of the Evil Plunger

Castleknock National School, 3rd Class, 16/06/10
Once upon a time there was an evil plunger called Plunger. His best friend was Cloggs, a talking toilet.

Plunger’s greatest wish was to make the world end. He didn’t like humans because they used him too much.

He wanted to get the trust of the King and Queen of the bathroom so he could begin his world domination.

He wanted to build a ray to turn all the soaps and shampoos into evil minions and they would help him build his army.

Plunger said to Cloggs, “I don’t have enough people to battle the humans.”

He planned to build a giant toilet to flush people down.

Cloggs said, “why don’t you find more minions in other bathrooms?”

Plunger replied: “Eeexxxxcelllentt!!!” tapping his fingers together…