Revenge of the Flying Worms

St. Pius X GNS, Terenure, 4th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow 15 March 2021

Nancy the frog lived in the jungle in a pond with her best friend Hallie the hippo. 

Nancy was bored. She was dreaming about her dream to become a chef.  She then realised she was hungry - she was bored with everything frogs have to eat.  

Nancy wanted to become a chef to make her own food. She said to Hallie, “Do you think I should become a chef?” 

”Let's make up a new recipe and make some food,” said Hallie.

“Let's make a leaf sandwich,” said Nancy.

“Yes, let's make a leaf sandwich,” said Hallie. “But remember, there are a lot of flying worms around where the best leaves are.”

Nancy gulped. A memory surfaced of her being hit in the face by a big flying worm. 

On the way to the part of the jungle where the best leaves are, they met a dancing frog called Oscar. 

“Why are you so afraid of flying worms?” Oscar asked. 

“I'm scared that one of the worms will hit me again!” said Nancy. 

Oscar agreed to go with them - as long as he got a leaf sandwich...