​Scoil Mhuire, Monivea, Co. Galway, 4th and 5th Class, 31 March 2017

Happy the Clown lived in America with The Twinz in a rickety old house.  

Every day, Happy and The Twinz ate slugs and snails for breakfast and broccoli for lunch.

Happy was afraid to work in the circus because of the children.

He had a plan to trap all of the children in a cage, forever.

The Twinz accidently found out about Happy’s plan when they intercepted a phone call.

“We have to try and stop Happy,” The Twinz decided.

“We should follow Happy around and see what he does.”

One of the Twinz put on a hat, fake moustache and dungarees.

The other twin put on a wig and a dress.

They stalked Happy the Clown around the White House. 

Happy had gone to the White House to try and steal Donald Trump’s big tiger cage.

It can fit fifty million children inside. 

It was just getting dark when the Twinz saw Happy talking to security.

And then Donald Trump came out of his office…