The Rise of the Fugees

Our Lady of Victories Girls National School, Ballymun Road, 5th Class, Fighting Words Dublin, 16 January 2020

One day Billy Bob Joe was sitting in a tree with his best friend, Harry the Egg.

Travis the toxic bee came over and said in a sassy way, “Mr Steel Yo Gurl is coming!”

Billy Bob Joe was speechless.

Mr Steel Yo Gurl got all the Fugees and attacked everyone. Then Mr Steel Yo Gurl went over and stole Billy Bob Joe’s girlfriend.

“I stole your girl! YEET!” Mr Steel Yo Gurl shouted and flung Pepe the Crocodile into the spaceship and flew away to Pluto.

Then Harry jumped on Billy Bob Joe’s head and flew after the spaceship.

Meanwhile, Pepe was enjoying the luxurious spaceship with luxurious food and realised she didn’t want to go back.

Billy Bob Joe and Harry were gaining on the spaceship but they got too close to the sun. Harry turned into a boiled egg.

It got hotter and hotter and suddenly Harry the Egg turned into a crocodile.

To be continued...