The Rocking Wars

St. Joseph’s NS, Arklow​, 5th Class, County Wicklow, 03 October 2019

One horrendous day Rocky the Rock Monster went to school.

He met Lexie at the door. “Would you like to come over to my beautiful cave later?” he asked anxiously.

“Of course I’d like to, I’d love to” she exclaimed.

Once school was over they went to Rocky the Rock Monster’s beautiful cave.

“Could you help me with my homework” she asked anxiously, “and … can I invite my boyfriend over?”

“Um…sure”. Lexie goes out to the front garden and brings Granny the Granite Monster in.

Granny was big, muscular, ugly and scary.

He had a crooked nose.

Granny was also a famous rock singer and Rocky was so jealous he really wanted to be like Granny but