The Runaway

Cloverfield NS, Dromkeen, 5th & 6th Class, Fighting Words Limerick, 21st October 2021

It was 1939, Jimmy Byrne had just returned home from work in the factory.

A letter was waiting for him which said you have been drafted to war.

The letter said Come serve your country. Jimmy got a big fright when he received the letter he wasn't expecting it.

Jimmy said to his family’ “I got a letter and I have to go to war. I'm frightened I might not get home”.

Jimmy’s wife said, “Stay safe and come home because we are having a child”.

When Jimmy was at war he was going to the trenches and he found a mouse.

Jimmy gave the mouse some food and it kept following Jimmy. Jimmy said “why do I have to be looking after this mouse in these horrible conditions”?

The mouse gave a friendly squeak.

They hear shots and the mouse gets scared and Jimmy picks up Mowie and puts him in his pocket and Jimmy starts to run...