The Sad, Sad Unicorn

St Mary’s Boys National School, Rathfarnham, 5th Class, 13 September 2016 

Johnny the unicorn was on a dating website. He kept on clicking the reload button, and it kept saying ‘No Matches.’

“Why is this happening to me?” Johnny wondered. He was so angry he stabbed the laptop with his horn. 

While Johnny was crying in bed, his mam came in and told him, “Dinner’s ready.”

Johnny shouted “Mam, get out, I’m having a dramatic moment!”

“Who cares!” said his mam, but as she closed the door he ran right at it and his horn pierced the door. 

And then he was stuck.

“Mam, I hate you so much. You really need to deal with me when I’m dealing with my teenage years,” Johnny said as his voice cracked. 

Johnny’s mam walked downstairs and saw a squirrel outside with a lab coat on. 

“I’ll give you 15 unidollars a day if you’ll be my son’s best friend,” said Johnny’s mam...