Saint Nick the Christmas Tree

Trinity Primary School, Tuam Co.Galway, 3rd Class, Fighting Words Galway, 03/12/21

Once upon a time there was a Christmas tree called Saint Nick, and he really liked cookies.

Saint Nick had a best friend called Nightlight. Nightlight is a purple reindeer with a light on his nose.

Every day Saint Nick the Christmas tree teleports to school and sits beside Nightlight. Saint Nick would always take Nightlight’s cookies.

“Saint Nick did you take my cookies again?!” said Nightlight

“I just took them because they’re delicious!” said Saint Nick

Nightlight said “If you take them again you won’t be my friend anymore”

Then magically Saint Nick turned into a chicken nugget, then back into a Christmas tree.

He realised he had magic powers that he didn’t even know about!…