Sam Saves the Day

2nd Class, St Joseph's NS Ballymun. 6th May 2009
One day Sam the Dog was in a scrap yard. He was with his best friend Jessie. Jessie was also a dog. They were running away from the dog catchers. They were hiding under a broken car.

 “Let’s run away!” Jessie said to Sam.

 “Let’s run home!” Sam said back to Jessie.

“We can go play football,” Jessie said.

 “Okay,” replied Sam. “But where is the football?”

 “The football is in the back garden,” Jessie told Sam.

Jessie went to get the football. But on the way, the dog catcher got her with a big net.

Jessie called Sam. “Help me Sam!”

Sam sprinted after Jessie. It was too late and the dog catcher brought Jessie into the dog pound....