Sassy save the day

St Fiachra’s Junior National School, Beaumont, 2nd Class, 25 October 2016 

Sassy was a stray dog. He was a nice, kind dog.

He lived under a bridge with his best friend, Benny.

One day, Sassy and Benny went to the park.

They started digging and they found two magic bones.

The bones were glowing so they knew they were magic.

“Woof,” said Sassy. “My wish came true!”

“Oh wow,” said Benny. “That’s amazing!”

To make the magic work, they had to bite on the bones.

So they made their wishes, started to bite the bones, but then the bones flew away! 

Sassy and Benny chased after the magic bones.

The dogcatcher chased after the dogs and caught Benny.

The dogcatcher put Benny in the pound.

Sassy ran after the dogcatcher’s van...