The Sausage’s Big Day

St Colmcille’s Junior National School, Knocklyon​, 2nd Class, 12 September 2018

Once upon a time a sausage woke up and thought in his head, “I have to go on a journey.”

The sausage, whose name was Silly Sausage, jumped out of the fridge and went outside.

Silly Sausage’s best friend, Bethany Bacon was already outside.

“Do you want to play?” asked Bethany.

Silly Sausage said “Let’s play the Sausage Game.”

They both played it and Bethany beat Silly again.

Silly felt jealous that Bethany was better at the game but he didn’t tell her.

“I have to practise,” said Silly.

There was a big Sausage Game competition coming up in a big fridge in a house a few miles away.

Silly knew this was his big journey -  to travel to the competition.

Silly went back to the fridge to practise.

Finally he was good enough to beat Bethany and he was ready for the competition.

On his way to the Big Fridge, a man picked up Silly Sausage.

He said, “Well, if I’m going to eat him, I’m going to have to wash him…”