Sausage Dog adventure

​Scoil Mhuire, 1st class, County Wicklow, 30th May 2018

Once upon a time, there was a man called Mr. Sausage.  He had a side kick called Mr. Bun. 

Mr. Sausage lived in a sausage house in the country in California.

His greatest wish was to have a sausage dog.

Mr. Sausage had it all planned:  to make a sausage boat out of his house and sail to Ireland.  His mission was to find a sausage dog!

He knew he could find dead sausage dogs in a graveyard, so he bought a big shovel. 

He went to Shankill graveyard and started digging.  He found a grave that said: “Miss Ketchup the Sausage Dog buried here”.

Mr. Sausage started digging.

He called Mr. Bun on his sausage phone and said:

“I need you Mr. Bun – I need you to wrap yourself around a dead sausage dog and bring him to life”

“But I’m just Mr. Bun”

“You’ve wrapped yourself around so many dead dogs before, it will work this time as well!”

“Ok, I’ll be there in a few minutes”

It was a wet night in Shankill graveyard when Mr. Bun wrapped himself around Miss Ketchup, the dead sausage dog…