The Scar Squad

St. Cronan’s SNS, Brackenstown, Swords, 4th Class, 2nd May 2012 
It was a sunny day in Abbeyvale and Scar the shark was watering his plants.

He finished watering the plants and kissed his sunflower goodbye, for  everyone knows sharks have a soft spot for sunflowers.

He went into his crammed cottage, which was made out of shells to collect his surfboard and goggles.  Then he flew out of the window to catch some serious waves.

On the way to the beach he met Harry, the sumo hippo, in the middle of a wrestling match with Carl, the bear.

As usual, Harry was winning.  He was invincible. Scar said, “I can’t believe you won again dude.  You’re like totally awesome man.” 
“Radical mon,” said Harry (he was Jamaican after all).

With a smile, Scar brightly invited his best friend surfing. “Do you want to go catch some waves man?”

“Sure mon,” replied Harry, and they set off for the beach.  But when they got to the beach they could see Lisa the Turtle screaming and pointing to the horizon.

Suddenly, the ground started to shake and the sky turned black. Out on the horizon they could see a huge tsunami heading forcefully their way.

But Scar was cool.  “No fear, Scar is here.  Let’s go surf that wave.”

“But it’s not safe to go out there.  There are ninja fish patrolling the sea.”...