Scarlett's Dream

Mother of Divine Grace, 6th Class, 9th June 2009
One evening Scarlett was baby-sitting when her phone rang.

‘You have been accepted into our football camp this summer, but I need an answer now,’ said the manager of the club on the other end.

Scarlett was a bit nervous because her best friend Derek was there and he didn’t like football.

Scarlett just said ‘Okay,’ shyly. The manager said he would ring back in half an hour. She hung up the phone and Derek asked,

‘Who was that?’

‘It was my Mam’ said Scarlett, ‘she’s checking up on us.’

Scarlett left the room to go to the toilet and her phone rang again.

Derek picked it up and said

‘Who is this? What do you want Scarlett for?’

Scarlett overheard the conversation and rushed into the room.

‘Why did you answer my phone?’ she asked.