The Search For The Golden Carrot

San Carlo Senior School, Confey, Leixlip, 4th Class, 8th March 2012
One night, Senõr Fluff and Douglas, the Domination Duck, were having a sleep-over. 

They were reading a story about a golden carrot...the world’s GREATEST carrot!  Senõr Fluff loved the idea of the carrot. 

The next day, they received a huge tax bill in the post. 

They decided they would look for the carrot which, legend had it, was in a B&Q in Vietnam.

Señor Fluff had a small problem with this. 

He told Douglas about his dream. 

“We were looking for the carrot when we were attacked by a bunch of microwave clowns, ” he said.

Douglas told him, “If we meet any microwave clowns I will protect you.”