The Search for the Golden Chalice

Scoil Thomais, Castleknock, 4th Class, 10 October 2011
Once upon a time,  there was a magical forest with trees that pick you up and throw you out if they don’t like you. 

illustration story 1 Bob the Dragon lived in one of these - a giant oak tree. 

One day, he heard a quacktastic noise.  Bob decided to go and investigate.   He heard noises coming from the lake, so he flew over and spotted a duck rapping by the waterside.

illustration story 2Just at this minute, Bob was feeling a little peckish, and threatened to gobble down poor Yo-Yo the DJ duck.  Yo-Yo, however, soon won Bob over by rapping him a magical song.

Bob and Yo-Yo went back to Bob’s tree to hang out and overheard Bob’s parents talking about a lost golden chalice that had been in his family for years.

Bob was determined to find the chalice and asked Yo-Yo to go with him on the magical adventure…