In Search Of The Golden Shamrock

Scoil Fhursa Coolock 4th class 19th January 2011
Once upon a time, on a shamrock island, there lived a leprachaun called Superchaun.

One day, a family of leprachauns was out walking when they were hit by an asteroid and instantly they got super powers.

After this happened, Superchaun saw a running zombie and said to her, “I’m okay, but will you help me find my evil clone, Bob?”

The next day, Evil Clone Bob captured Superchaun’s new friend, the running zombie called Zombie Maria.

Bob captured Maria and put her in a cage in a cave.

When Superchaun found this out, he said to his little baby, Babychaun, “I’ll get my revenge on Evil Clone Bob and save Zombie Maria.” 

Evil Clone Bob had captured Zombie Maria because he knew that she had a map to the golden shamrock.

This golden shamrock grants wishes and has the most valuable jewels on the planet.