The Search For Love

Our Lady Immaculate Senior School, Darndale - 5th and 6th Class, 12 November 2009
Once upon a time there were two brothers called Mr China-Chong and Shapa-lapa-ding-dong. They lived in Seattle.

The brothers were looking for twins to be their girlfriends.

They put an ad in the paper The Seattle Times.

Looking for two nice twins in Seattle. Must love clowns. Please call between 3pm and 7pm. 085 222 2good 4 you!

It was Shapa-lapa-ding-dong’s first day at clown college. He’d got new floppy red clown shoes.

Shapa-lapa-ding-dong said to Mr.China-Chong, ‘Goodbye, I’m off to clown college to learn how to juggle fire-balls.’

Mr China-Chong then left to join a kung fu class, to get muscles and impress girls.

On his way home from class, he saw a girl being mugged by two gangsters.

He shouted ‘Stop! Thieves!’ and chased them down the road. He used his kung fu skills. He had just learned how to dropkick in class, so he used his new skills to defend the girl and her honour.

‘Here is your purse back and do you want to go out for a coffee?’ Mr.China-Chong said to the girl.

The girl replied, ‘My name is Alice McCully and I would like to go out, thank you.’

They headed to Java-Lava. On their way to the coffee shop, Shapa-lapa-ding-dong saw the two of them and became jealous.

‘I thought we were looking for twins,’ he said and went home.

Meanwhile Alice and Mr.China-Chong were in Java-Lava and had just ordered when they both heard the talking toaster at the same time…