The Search for the Missing Magical Flake Horn


St.Francis of Assisi Primary School, Belmayne, 3rd Class, 28th January 2016 

On a platform on Unicorn Island, a candy rainbow appeared. There was a cupcake zombie on it called Cakey. 

He saw a chocolate zombie unicorn. “Hello, I’m Cakey, I’m a zombie cupcake.

Do you want to be friends?” Cakey asked the chocolate zombie unicorn. 

“Yes. My name is Fatcakes and I’m a boy,” replied the zombie unicorn.

“Do you want to play candy rocks?” Cakey asked Fatcakes.

“How do you play that game?” responded Fatcakes.


Candy rocks is a game where you try to catch candy in your mouth. 

While they were playing candy rocks, Cakey asked Fatcakes, “Have you ever heard of the Magical Unicorn Flake Horn?

I heard it’s hidden in Popcorn Palace.”

“Oh, yes! I heard the Cupcake Vampire is searching for the Magical Unicorn Flake Horn so he can live forever and take over the world!” Fatcakes said...