Shella Bella’s Revenge

St Joseph’s National School Derrywash, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, 4th, 5th & 6th Class

One snowy weekend, Shella Bella the Sheep went to visit Mindy the Collie at her home.

Pom-Pom the Poodle was also there, which put Mindy at ease.

Suddenly, Shella Bella burst through the door.

“I’ve brought you some roses, Mindy!” said Shella Bella.

“I’d prefer if you hadn’t,” said Mindy.”I insist that you leave.”

At that point, Shella Bella angrily threw the roses into a bush and slammed the door.

He was very upset.

“Thank goodness he’s gone,” said Pom-Pom.

The next day, Mindy went outside to empty her trash.

Shella Bella was waiting for her in the bin…