Shmitley's Adventure

St. Fiachra's, 6th Class,  25/1/2010
Shmitley was daydreaming of being chased by a man eating gerbils.

He woke up on a park bench screaming “GERBILS!!!!!”

Shmitley sees his friend Jo Jo the supermodel walking her dog, a miniature chihuahua in her handbag, in 25 inch heels.

She tells Shmitley she is going to a fashion show in Paris

Jo Jo says “Come with me to my fashion show and mind my doggie Pootchie.”

Shmitley falls down a hole while running back to get Jo Jo’s handbag which has her passport in it.

He falls into a tunnel and sees a big shadow at the end of it.

This turns out to be a man eating gerbil….