Silver the Dog

St. Vincent’s GNS, North William Street, 2nd Class, 23rd January 2012
One day in a forest on the side of a mountain in New York, Silver the dog was using her nose to track her owner’s footprints. She found the footprints outside a bungalow. 

There was a pond with ducks and fishes. She found her owner’s footprint with “Silver” imprinted on it as a way to leave clues for his dog. 
Silver jumped into the pool to have a wash while Mr Potato Man got her a towel.
Mr Potato Man asked, “Why are we afraid of the poison cats?”

“Because they turn you into one of them if they bite you!” Silver explained.

 Silver made friends with a frog in the pond.

Silver said to the frog, “Hello,” as she waved her paw and wagged her tail.

“My name is Hoppy the frog. Be careful at night—the poison cats are about,” he replied.

Silver went inside the house looking for Mr Potato Man, who was asleep in a cot.

Silver went into a cupboard and found food. She saw a photograph of the owner on a horse next to the Pop Star School where he used to teach.

The poison cats surrounded the bungalow. There were five adult cats and five baby cats. 
Silver looked at the tracks the cats made. 

One of the footprints changed from a cat footprint to a human footprint, with the name “Silver” imprinted on it.  Her owner had become a poison cat!...