Simon Says

St Brigid’s National School, Castleknock, 6th Class, 11th June 2012
Simon the dwarf gazed out upon Paris, from the top of the Eiffel Tower. 

Since he was too small to see out, he was standing on one of the kiddie stools. Even still, his nose was only level with the railing because he was so small.

Simon was munching upon snails, a doughnut and a baguette. 

In the distance, he could see his friend Bob coming towards him. Who couldn’t see Bob!? Bob was a towering, giraffe-like monster of a giant that everyone could see from about three miles off. 

 Simon was terrified, as he knew where Bob was heading. 

Simon started shouting as loud as he could, but his miniscule voice-box couldn’t manage the distance.

“Bob’s on his way -  run for your life!” Simon exclaimed.