Sir Countalot and His Friends

St.Declan’s Special National School, Ballsbridge, 11 November 2015

One day, Sir Countalot was on the top of the mountain library, looking for books to learn how to do magic. 

“Ahhhhh, this is a bad day!” he roared. “I don’t want to do this because I am afraid of heights, but I must if I want to learn magic!”

Sir Countalot found a book on where to find an ancient fire staff that would give him magic. So he packed lots of swords for his magic adventure. 

The ancient fire staff was hidden in a tunnel of fire within Tommy the Dragon’s cave.

When he arrived at the cave, the dragon tried to eat him. Luckily, Max the Bee was throwing bananas at the dragon.
Suddenly a water god came from The Land of Water and he changed the dragon into water! 

“Thank you, Max and Water God! Do you want to hang out tonight?” asked Sir Countalot. 

“Yes!” said Max and the water god. The water god then gave Sir Countalot some money to help him follow his dreams. 

They set out on another adventure to have a meeting with the Gods’ Association to ask them for the ability to fly...