Skinny Cow and Friends

Balrothery NS, Balbriggan, 3rd Class, 8th May 2019

Skinny Cow woke up from a dream. He was sleeping in the field. He was dreaming about going on a journey with his friends to the moon.

Skinny Cow and Skinny Horse were making an instruction manual of how to build a rocket ship.

“Follow the instructions,” said Skinny Cow.

Skinny Horse said, “We don’t have to follow them.”

Skinny Cow replied, “That was a waste of time making the instructions.”

They built a rocket ship out of the metal they found in the fields.

Skinny Cow and Skinny Horse test drove the rocket in the field.

However, the farmer saw them and threw his pitchfork at the rocket. The rocket exploded!

Skinny Cow and Skinny Horse jumped out of the rocket just in time and the farmer caught them one at a time.

Skinny Cow said, “Why did you do that for? You could’ve killed us!”

The farmer said, “You could’ve wrecked my field! Please get off my lawn!”

Skinny Cow cried, “What about the rocket?”

The farmer replied, “I don’t care about your rocket.

Plus, I’m a kidnapper of animals and I love skinny animals for dinner…” .