Skittles Vs. Smarties

Scoil Mhuire Lakelands, Sandymount, 6th Class
“Oh Dan!” said the dentist, “you’ve been eating too many sweets!”

Dan looked down in shame.

“Mother SAID I should eat more Smarties,” Dan protested. “But I’ve been sneezing loads since Hayfever season and we don’t want the Skittles to go to waste.”

The dentist sighed and picked up a toothbrush.

 “Noooooooooooooooo!!!”, bellowed Dan.

He lifted his head up and sneezed at the dentist. The dentist was covered in Skittles.

“Cover your mouth!” the dentist yelled. “You know I’m allergic to sweets.  Why do you think I became a dentist?!” he spluttered. “Get me to a doctor quick!”

Dan thundered out of the dentist’s office after being banned from his fifth dentist in a row.

“Where is my allergy cream?!” said the dentist from a distance.

Dan ran to Penelope’s house, a tiny mansion in the woods. Unlike most people, Penelope knew this was not an earthquake because she had known Dan since she was a young worm. Dan hovered over her house, crying. Penelope came out of her house as a tear the size of a  bucket of water fell on to her house, instantly flooding it.

“What are you blubbering about now?!”, snapped Penelope.

Meanwhile, her family ran from their house crying into their already murky compost.

Dan replied, “I want my old life back. I prefer sneezing Smarties”. Then, he thought about what the dentist said and decided to switch back to sneezing Smarties…