Sky and Max’s Big Adventure

St Vincent’s Girls National School, North William Street, 4th Class, 4 September 2015
Once upon a doggy time, Sky the talking German shepherd, and his puppy brother, Max, didn’t have owners and were living in the dump.

Every time they saw a dog going past, they thought it was their mom and dad.

“Why don’t we go and try to find our mom and dad?” said Sky.

Max said, “I’d like to go too.”

When they left the dump, the dog pound man pulled up and stopped all the traffic and tried to catch the dogs.

Then Max fell and got caught.

Sky tried to bite the man’s trousers, but the man had already gotten in the van.

Sky was worried about Max. He didn’t know whether to find Max or find his parents.

“I have to find my little brother,” said Sky, and he chased after the van.

Sky chased the van. When he got to the pound, the man caught Sky.

He put Sky in a cage with Max.

Sky and Max’s mom and dad were in the cage opposite them, but Sky and Max didn’t know it.

Their mom and dad had muzzles on, so they couldn’t talk.

The man in the office, whose name was Gary, was sleeping. He accidentally hit off the button to open all of the cages.