Spagettio goes to candyland

Bray School Project, County Wicklow, 2nd Class, 22nd September 2016

Spagettio the Meatball’s best friend was Honky the Donkey. 

They had been best friends for nine years, ever since they had met in a meatball shop called Meatball Al’s.

They had both gone into the shop and bought chicken wings. 

They looked at each other: “Chicken!” Honky the Donkey said to Spagettio. 

“Ehhh… Cheese!” Spagettio replied. 

“Do you want to go to Chinese kitchen with me?” 

“Of course I do!” said Honky. 

So off they went!

The Chinese Kitchen was in Candyland, and to get there you have to rent a hippo. 

Spaghettio and Honky go to rent a hippo at Hippo Ren, and pick out a nice Hippo.

On their journey, though, they discover that the hippo they thought was a nice hippo was in fact Dodo the evil hippo all along. It happened like this: Dodo tried to eat Spagettio but Spagettio chopped Dodo’s teeth off with a sword. 

Spagettio and Honky started to run away but Dodo chased them and was catching up fast using his giant fart booster…