Sparkles and Cuddles

They were playing in the forest when a big dog came along and jumped out at them. The dog’s name was Rex. He wanted to play with Cuddles and Sparkles. Cuddles got a fright and ran away.

Sparkles said, “Please don’t eat us.”

Rex said, “I won’t eat you, I want to play with you.”

Sparkles flew over to Cuddles and told her that the dog was friendly. The dog wanted to play with them. They all played together.


After they finished playing, Rex asked Cuddles and Sparkles to come home with him.

They arrived at the house. 

A family lived there. There was a mum and a dad, a boy and a girl. The boy’s name was Jake and the girl’s name was Tara.

Rex asked Jake and Tara if they wanted to play hide and seek in the back garden.

He asked Cuddles and Sparkles to play too. ...