Spike and Hazel’s Adventures

​Holywell Educate Together National School, Swords, 3rd Class, 11 May 2017 

Once upon a time there was a hedgehog called Spike who lived in a park. He lost his family when he was five years old. 

Spike lived in the trunk of a tree and he became friends with a squirrel called Hazel.

They went shopping together and played together in the park.

One day a kitten called Bob ran past the tree trunk when Spike was walking home from work. He was scared of the kitten so he spiked him by mistake.

“Oww oww MeOWWW!” said the kitten. 

“Sorry, you scared me!” said Spike.

“You did that on puuurrrpose!” growled Bob.

Suddenly, lots of nuts started falling from the sky. 

Hazel was throwing down nuts to distract the kitten while Spike ran into the tree trunk...