Spikey’s Great Adventure

St Vincent de Paul Girls National School, Marino, 2nd Class, 21 September 2016

“Hi, Furball,” said Spikey the hedgehog. 

“Hi, Spikey,” said Furball in a sad voice. 

“What’s wrong?” asked Spikey worriedly. 

Spikey and Furball were in a daffodil field and Furball had lost his sister.

“I lost my sister,” Furball told Spikey.

“Would you like me to help you find her?” asked Spikey in a curious voice.

“Yes, please,” said Furball in a happy voice.

So off they went to look for Furball’s sister. Spikey was in the middle of the field when he felt something on him.

He started to drift up into the air, and started to fly. He realised that it was the pollen from the flower that made him fly. 

Spikey shouted happily, “My greatest wish has come true!” 

When he was flying, he saw a person in the field who was trying to catch him. Spikey could see Furball’s sister caught in a net, carried by the person in the field. 

Furball said, “You have to save my sister because you can fly! You have to face your biggest fear....”