Spitty and the Ice Dragon

lás Mhuire BNS, St. Mary’s Place, Dorset Street, 4th Class, 20th October 2011
Once upon a time, there was a fire-spitting robot named Spitty.

One day, Spitty went into the woods and found a map.  He followed the directions on the map and it led him to a very suspicious place.

Spitty found a staircase and started going down, down, down, DOWN, DOWN.  He was getting more and more afraid.

He started screaming, “Help!!! Help!!!”
Luckily, his best friend the ice-spitting dragon, Ice Dragon, came to his rescue.

At the bottom of the staircase, Spitty and Ice Dragon saw a door.  It led to a house. Ice Dragon went in through the roof, while Spitty went for the door.

Spitty didn’t realize that there was a massive hole in front of the door and he fell right into it!!

The Ice Dragon rescued Spitty….again.

Suddenly, the two friends heard a noise outside and looked through the keyhole. ZOMBIES!!!

The Ice Dragon wasn’t scared of no zombies, so he burst through the door and spat ice on the zombies.  

They burst into a million billion trillion pieces.

Then, Jack of the Devil and MORE zombies came to destroy them…