SPLAT! Luigi & Bob on the creme egg adventure

Our Lady of Mercy Convent School, Booterstown, 6th Class, 29th March 2012
The wind was blowing in their faces, the rain was crashing down, the thunder was thundering, and the lightning was cracking and flashing as the pair were making their way down the M50.

Luigi the Italian pig looked at his sidekick, Bob the Big Bouncing Mexican Blob who likes burritos and bunny rabbits, and said, “Here’s a de plan: We start at noon.

We take a break and go to McDonald’s and get a creme egg McFlurry.” Bob sighed, “So much work. Can we get a McCoffee after, senor?”

Two hours later, after they had their 200 McFlurries and 7 cups of coffee, they were on a sugar rush and a caffeine buzz. Bob the Blob rubbed his blubber and said, “Mmmmmmmmmm.

Those were niiiice, senor” Luigi, stroking his stache, said, “Mamma Mia! I’ve got an idea! Let’s get alla de creme eggs and make a giant pool of creme egg McFlurry!” “Mmmmmmmm.

Dat would be niiiice, senor,” replied Bob. “But first I need a burrito.”

Meanwhile, at the National Creme Egg Training Centre, the giant mama creme egg was training all her minions how to splat and reform.

Just then, the mama creme egg got news from one of her sources, the McDonald minion creme egg, that Luigi and Bob were planning to steal all of them.