The Spoon

Breaffy National School, 5th Class, Count Mayo, 11 December 2018

Over the horizon walked a little girl with a bag of gummy drops.


The bag tears!

A gummy drop falls out into the searing heat of the Wild West.

“I need a partner in this town if I’m ever going to survive,” murmurs Geoff the Gummy Drop.

Geoff rolls into the Old Skull Saloon and finds a dusty old marshmallow lying down in the corner.

“What is your name?” questions Geoff.

“My name is Mickey the Marshmallow, but people call me Marsh. Could you give me a hand? I’m a little sticky.”

“I’ll give you a hand,” says Geoff the Gummy Drop. “I’ll get you a cream soda!”

“How did you end up down there?” Geoff asks and hands Marsh a cream soda.

Marsh limps over to the wall and yanks a wanted poster off the wall.

“This fella put me there,” he says, showing Geoff the tattered picture.

The ragged poster bellowed:

“WANTED!! Sugar Santa”

Reward - 50,000 Bon-Bons”

There was a picture underneath…