The Spud and the Baboon

​Greystones ETNS, 6th Class, County Wicklow, 17 May 2018

A short time ago in a galaxy not very far away, a potato called Clout had a very good friend called MBlick.  MBlick was a baboon who liked trees. 

Clout didn’t like trees, because he thought they were mean.

When Clout was walking to the potato nightclub in Kenmare, he noticed that the trees were all taller than him and were always dropping acorns on his head.

One Sunday MBlick and Clout were walking to the potato nightclub to play Fortnite. 

When they got there, the potato security guard wouldn’t let MBlick in because he wasn’t a potato.

Then MBlick got angry and ate the potato security guard.

“Run, Banadect Cucumberpatch is coming for us” shouted Clout

“Ok, let’s get out of here.  And, by the way, can I have my phone back?”

“No I had to post my video”

“No dude come on”

“Dude,   I gave the phone to John, “

“Who is John, bro?”

“He’s the guy who does my filming now”

“No dude,Get John to give it back”

“No , but what if he doesn’t want to…?”

“My dad was trying to call me, and John was in my DM’s, so I need to get it back off him”

“But dude, who’s more important, your dad or my two subscribers?”