Squiggle-Pops and Yohan

Our Lady of the Wayside NS, 6th class, County Wicklow, 4th December 2019

One Friday, Squiggle Pops was in McDonalds.  He was getting a McFlurry, a big Mac meal with a latte and chicken nuggets. 

When he got his meal he first went for the nuggets and then he found one burnt one. 

So he kept it and called it Yohan because he liked it.

He went outside, it was raining, so as Squiggle Pops was an umbrella, he opened up to keep Yohan dry.

They didn’t notice that an unburnt chicken nugget had followed them out. 

He was called Choosy.

“You’re lucky I’m an umbrella” Squiggle Pops said to Yohan.

“Thanks man” said Yohan.

They walked on down the street, past a tree and there was an apple sniper with a seed gun watching them. 

As they continued walking home, Choosy leapt onto Squiggle Pops the umbrella…