Squiggly’s Wild Adventure

Presentation National School, Millstreet, Co.Cork, 5thand 6th Class, 15th October 2015

Long, long ago there was a friendly monster called Squiggly. 

He lived far away from town with his best friend Spotter the crazy unicorn. They lived under the water. 

Spotter the unicorn was a world champion swimmer. Squiggly was a very clumsy monster. He couldn’t swim, so he couldn’t get to the top of the water.

This made him very sad, because he always wanted to find someone like him.

Spotter squeaked in his very silly voice, “I’m sick of being under the water, I want to go up to the surface!”

“Well, too bad, because I can’t swim and you can’t leave me here,” said Squiggly. 

“I have all of these medals and trophies and nobody can see them!” said Spotter.

“Don’t leave me, because I can’t swim. The king might find me and do something!” Squiggly cried. 

“I could teach you to swim!” said Spotter the unicorn.

“I would learn to swim, but King Meanypants might see me,” said Squiggly. “Give me two days to think about it.”

Two days were nearly over and Spotter was getting impatient. 


Squiggly decided he did want to swim but when he went to tell Spotter, he couldn’t see him. 

He saw King Meanypants’ boat and started to worry.

Just then, he saw Spotter being pulled onto the ship by King Meanypants’ servants…