Stage Fright

St Columba's National School, Glasnevin, 5th Class, 4th March 2009
Melissa is sitting in her tree house in her back garden after school writing in her diary. She would really love to be a singer. Only her best friend Lola knows this secret.

Melissa’s mother calls her to have dinner. “Melissa, dinner is ready,” she says. “Okay, Mum, I’ll be down in a minute,” says Melissa.

Melissa closes her diary but she forgets to lock it. Melissa really likes her next door neighbour Nick.  While Melissa is having dinner, Nick sneaks into the tree house. He reads Melissa’s diary. He finds out that she wants to be famous and that she has a secret crush on him.  Nick is shocked.

Nick takes the diary home with him and texts his best friend, Joe, to tell him that Melissa really likes him. He likes Melissa as well but Melissa doesn’t know that.

The next day, Melissa goes to school and mets up with her best friend Lola. Melissa tells Lola that she can’t find her diary. Both Lola and Melissa start to think that maybe Zoe has taken it. Zoe is the most popular girl in the school. She is a great singer but very mean.

Melissa and Lola forget about the diary when they pass the noticeboard and see a poster for a talent show that is going to take place on March 25th. Melissa reads that you have to go to Ms Spell’s classroom to audition.

Melissa feels scared but Lola says to her, “Do it.”

“I can’t,” says Melissa. “I have stage fright.”

Nick sees the two of them in the corridor, and after the two girls pass by he signs Melissa up to audition. Zoe and her friends pass by and sign up as well. ...