Starlight's and Ploppy's Adventures

Belgrove Junior Girls' School,Clontarf, 1st class
Once there was a horse called Starlight who lived in Candyland in the Rainforest.

Her favourite dinner was candy carrots, chocolate berries,ice pop animals and melted chocolate biscuits. When Starlight was younger she lived in a zoo in South Africa.

When she was there she became best friends with Ploppy the Elephant. He had the longest trunk in the universe. He was big and fat and round.

Starlight was scared of the zoo. One night she whispered to Ploppy ‘Hello please save me”Ploppy replied “ Yes I will as long as you will let me come with you”.

Ploppys trunk was so strong that he was able to break the cage and squash all the zookeepers. They escaped into the night.

They planned to go to the Rainforest in South America. Their plan was to help save the forest. On the way they met a fire dragon who had come from a volcano.

They met skinless slaves to the fire dragon who were trying to escape from him. Ploppy and Starlight tried to help them. But the Dragon caught the slaves and Ploppy and Starlight….