The start of something new

Padre Pio - 4th Class, County Cork, 21 January 2019

Once upon the time there was an alien named Billy Bob. And he always thought he would be forgotten.

He had a best friend Jack the dog. One day when he was out walking he saw a girl.

A little while after seeing the girl he went out on a trip on his space ship and lost control.

He fell into the Milky Way out of the spaceship. The Milky Way pushed him down to earth. When he landed on earth he saw the same girl.

The girl had long hair and a pink dress. She had red shoes and blue eyes. Billy Bob blushed.

And he got up and he stood by the wall and acted like he didn't fall. Then he went to buy a pizza with ten cents. Jack said to Billy Bob,

'Why don't you go and talk to the girl?'

Billy Bob replied 'I can't. I’m an alien!'

After a while he was not looking where he was going and he bumped into the girl.

The girl got scared and ran off into the forest. Billy Bob felt sad.

He ran into the forest to see if she was ok and saw a little white rabbit named Nina and Nina said,

'The girl ran over to the docks because she was starting to turn into a werewolf'.

Her feet were starting to get furry and her eyes started to get big and yellow.

She wasn't scared of them but she was scared of herself and she was afraid of being seen.

She was starting to turn into a werewolf because the full moon was rising and she started to howl uncontrollably.

wBilly Bob picked up a flower and ran after her. Jack ran to the docks and started swimming. He was really wet.

Billy Bob couldn't find the girl and he was frustrated. Then he told Jack to look for her.

Jack found her and barked to call Billy Bob over. He went up to her.

She bit Billy Bob because she was afraid of him and he turned into a wolf because the full moon came out.

Nina the rabbit came running out of the bushes panicked and told them the villagers found out that Billy Bob was an alien and the girl was a werewolf and were coming for them with pitchforks and torches in a mob...