A Sticky Situation

5th/6th class, Churchtown NS, Athy, Co. Kildare. 14th May 2009
One day, Special Agent Sammy was in his secret headquarters under his playhouse when suddenly his misson beeper went off. His mission was to stop Chocolate Charlie as he was trying to take over the world with his brother Candy Charles. They were trying to turn the world into chocolate.

But Sammy was terrified of Candy Charles because, when he opens his mouth, out comes rotten candyfloss and candy canes. Sammy rang Hollie, his best friend, on his super phone. He said, ‘Hollie, I need your help! And fast!’ Hollie says, ‘Sure. I’ll be down in a jiffy!’

On the way to Sammy’s house, Hollie got candy-trapped in rotten candyfloss.

Back at the headquarters Sammy was getting worried as it was over half an hour and Hollie wasn’t answering her superphone. Sammy went outside and saw her bus covered in rotten candy floss. She needed his help! But he needed help too so he called Scary Mary, who lived in a graveyard.

Scary Mary hopped into her tombstone and flew to Sammy’s headquarters.

When she got there, she said, ‘What’s the problem, Sammy?’

Sammy said ‘Hollie’s been trapped in rotten candyfloss and I need your help to get her out.’

‘Oh no! He’s taking her back to his lair in Chocoville and he’ll turn her into a Santa shaped lolly and sell her at Christmas!’ Scary Mary says, ‘ Don’t worry, I know how to save her. Candy floss melts with hot milk so we’ll pour hot milk over her to save her!’ 

Scary Mary and Sammy got into the flying tombstone and flew over to Chocoville. On the way they stopped at Belle the super cow in her field and she gave them some of her super hot milk. Then they went to the supermarket and and bought Nutella and covered themselves with it as a disguise as everyone in Chocoville was made of chocolate.

When they arrived in Chocoville they went to the chocolate lair which was in the middle of Chocolate Volcano. Hollie was stuck on the top of the volcano with sticky toffee and when the volcano erupted she would be turned into chocolate. They only had 5 minutes to save her before the volcano erupts.

As they were flying towards the volcano their Nutella disguise started melting off with the steam from the volcano.

Candy Charles looked out of his chocolate proofed window and saw Sammy’s secret agent name badge and Scary Mary’s pink and purple pigtails. Charles says, ‘You will never get Hollie! Ha, ha, ha, ha!’  Candy Charles catapults toffee into the tombstone engine. The engine gets stuck and the tombstone falls out of the air. The tombstone lands on a bed of marshmallows and it bounces back up to the mouth of the volcano where Hollie is. Scary Mary says, ‘Hollie, grab my pink pigtail!’.......