A Sticky Situation

St Bernadette’s Senior National School, Quarryvale, Clondalkin, 5th Class, 15 June 2015 
Once upon a time, Happy was storming a tower. But the guards were not very happy with Happy the Cat.

The guards tried to chase Happy, but they fell. His friend Sugar the Gummy Bear came to the rescue.

“Thanks that really helped me back there!” said Happy to Sugar the Gummy Bear. 

“It’s what any gummy bear would do,” replied Sugar.

Happy went home and went to sleep. He had a dream that he was flying. He woke up in a fright. 

Sugar ran into the room to see what happened. Happy asked Sugar to move in just in case any guards came looking for them.


“It might be a sticky situation,” said Sugar. Happy and Sugar went down to have breakfast. They ordered eighty pancakes. 

The landlord came in to get the rent and saw a gummy bear on the table. When he saw Sugar on the table, he went to eat her. They had to make a quick getaway. 

Sugar suddenly split into four mini-Sugars so she could get a way faster. 

Suddenly a light surrounded Happy, wings popped out, and his fur turned pink. All the mini-Sugars left because they didn’t realize it was Happy.

Happy felt really worried and sad that his friend didn’t recognise him because he had a big change. He was scared that his landlord wouldn’t recognise him either, and kicked him out of the house.

Happy called Sugar on his banana phone to see if he could move in with Sugar. Sugar replied, “Yes” because she recognised Happy’s voice.

Sugar lived in a giant sweet cupboard. When Sugar had escaped the landlord, the moment she left the house she said, “Sugar Kabam!” and stuck back together.

When Happy arrived at Sugar’s house, she didn’t recognise him. She had been eating chocolate ice cream because she missed Happy.
Sugar jumped up and said, “Who are you and why are you in my house?”...